Home Mortgage Loans

Loans are bad for you. Banks and loan firms are evil. They do not give you money because they like you. The give you money because they usually charge you Mafia interest rates. This guide show you what loans exist but not recommenced to take any.

Home Mortgage Loans

Dedication to helping you find the very best mortgage rates and services available online today is what we are all about. We have been specializing in helping home owners, just like you, find the lowest mortgage rates online for over seven years. We have also developed our website to offer you many new and unique features that other mortgage companies just don’t seem to offer.

Home Loans

Home ownership is the dream of every American and obtaining the best mortgage possible is the first step to home ownership. That’s why we have worked to offer you a distinct four quote system that allows you to choose the very best home purchase loan.

We know that everyone and every situation is different. Whether you are looking for a 100% financing, a low down payment, lowest monthly payment, or a custom loan, let the benefit of our multiple quote system go to work for you and help you get the loan you need.

We are one of the most recognized sites serving the diverse mortgage quote needs here in Florida. That’s why when purchasing a home you want the best possible pricing for your mortgage, and by using our site and our multiple quote system you can find just that mortgage.

Refinance Loans

Now is the time to refinance your mortgage with interest rates still at an all time low you can lower your interest rate and payment! You could even take cash out and still lower your rate and payment. Start by receiving up to four free refinance quotes so that you can choose the best refinance quote for you!

When it comes to refinancing your mortgage here in you of course want to find the best possible rate, payment, and terms, but customer service and support should also be one of your top priorities. That’s why our four quote system gives you the refinance options that work best for you!
Because rates are at an all time low now is the perfect time to lower your payments, take cash out, and even payoff debt.

Second Mortgage Loans

Second Mortgage Loans are more often than not used to help homeowners who may experience a sudden need for cash get the money they need. Because a second mortgage loan allows you the potential to pull more equity (cash) from your home than a typical first mortgage, it is a great way to fund emergency situations that may arise.

2nd Mortgage Loans

We understand that these situations are usually time sensitive. That’s why we make the process of getting a second mortgage loan fast, and more importantly we take the worry out of the loan all together.

Most second mortgage loans are amortized over a five to fifteen year period and can either be of a fixed or variable rate. We will advise you of different loan scenarios that allow you to choose the option that best suits you and your individual financing needs.

Home Improvement Loans

Are you currently looking to do some home renovations? Home improvements are a great way to enhance your quality of life as well as add equity, or value, to your home. When searching for the best rates and service on home improvement loan in we offer up to four free home improvement quotes to save you more!

Home Improvement

A home improvement loan means you can add an additional bedroom, make beautiful kitchen renovations, or even build a swimming pool!

Home Construction

By using our home improvement four quote system you can find just the right loan and lender to get your improvements under way, all while saving the most money possible. With four quotes you choose the home improvement loan quote that works best for your improvement project and your budget!

Home Equity Loans

The property values in have sky rocketed. In just the past year alone, median home values have increased from $165,000 to the current value of just over $254,800. With increased property values comes increased equity, or cash, available to you through a home equity loan.

Home equity loans, especially here in Florida, are a great way to make large purchases, payoff debts, or even make home improvements. For example, you can take a five year home equity loan to buy a car. In most cases you will pay much less interest than you would with the dealer and because it is a home loan the interest you do pay could very well be tax deductible.

A home equity line of credit, or “HELOC”, is the most preferred loan when making home improvements. It works just like a credit card, with your payment in direct correlation to the amount of money you spend, HELOC’s can help to keep improvement costs down.

Bad Credit Mortgage Loans

Why let bad, damaged, or even bruised credit stop you from refinancing your mortgage or even purchasing a brand new home. With Home Mortgage Loans you receive up to four free no obligation mortgage quotes no matter your current or past financial or credit situation.

Bad Credit Home Loans

We hear from distressed users of our site everyday. Some have been turned down at other lenders, some were too afraid to inquire about a loan, and others truly didn’t know what their credit status entailed.

We take pride in being able to help you find the right loan by offering our site and up to four free mortgage quotes from lenders who specialize in bad credit financing here in and with no obligation you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

Debt Consolidation Loans

With the average American carrying at least three thousand dollars in high interest credit card debt, and the average family carrying just over eight thousand, it is no wonder that our debt consolidation loan quote page is one of the most used quote forms on our entire site.

With credit card interest rates as high as twenty-seven percent it’s no wonder that it’s harder than ever to get caught up. Minimum payments only allow you to pay a small portion of your balance off with the rest going straight to interest. This isn’t even taking into account car loans, personal loans, old student loans, hospital bills, emergency car repairs, or any number of debts that can sneak up on you at anytime.

Working with the right debt consolidation specialist is critical to being able to meet those kinds of goals. That’s why we offer up to four free quotes from debt consolidation lenders that specialize in not only understanding your individual debt consolidation needs, but work to exceed your expectations when it comes to customer service and support!

First Time Home Buyer Loans

As a first time home buyer we offer you a great way to start your mortgage search by offering you up to four free mortgage quotes that allow you to see different scenarios so that you can choose which loan, payment, interest rate, and terms work best for you!

Here are some different First time home buyer programs:

  • No Down Payment!
  • No out of pocket closing costs
  • No Insurance requirements!
  • 100% – 125% financing options!
  • Buy a home with no credit!
  • Buy a home with bad credit!
  • Special Teacher Financing!
  • The best possible rates!

While your current credit and financial situation will deem what programs and rates you will best qualify for, by receiving four different quotes you can make sure that you are getting the best possible mortgage loan.

Home Mortgage Loans

No down payment? Did you know that there are loans that allow you to borrow up to 125% of the homes appraised value. No Credit? Poor credit? BAD credit? Again there are programs for you. In fact there are “challenged” credit programs for FICO scores that are even as low as 500!

Jumbo Mortgage Loans

If the value of your loan exceeds $322,700 it is often referred to as a Jumbo mortgage loan. Because of the loan amounts associated with a jumbo mortgage are considered to be high rish they can sometimes require special financing outside “typical” lender guidelines. This can mean a pricing difference because of the higher risk.

Jumbo Home Mortgage

Many of the homes in currently fit into the jumbo mortgage category. Skyrocketing home values over the past few years has allowed the creation of a sellers market with current homeowners reveling in large sums of new equity which in turn equates to higher purchase prices for new homes.

We have enabled a four quote system directly on Home Mortgage Loans that allows you to receive up to four free mortgage quotes to get the best possible pricing on your jumbo mortgage financing. You choose the loan, the lender, the rate, and the payment that works best for you!



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