Braided Rugs

Find the best beautiful braided rugs for any room in your home.
From the traditional to the unexpected, braided rugs are a welcome addition to any room in the house. From family room to kitchen, bedroom to bath, dining room to patio, braided rugs offer a dazzling array of color and design possibilities. Home decorators are discovering the versatility of these braided texture rugs which combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest trends in home fashion. Braided rugs are the perfect way to add color, warmth, and texture to hardwood, ceramic tile, and many other hard surfaces found in today’s home. These rugs can be placed over wall-to-wall carpeting to add definition or to coordinate with other decorative elements in a room.

Introduce fashion into surprising settings such as hallways and patios with braided texture rugs made of water and stain resistant materials that are now available in natural looking fibers and exciting new colors. All braided rugs are manufactured with a steadfast devotion to high quality and style, right here in the USA. A high quality construction, “braiding” is used to create rugs with unique and elegant style. Innovative concepts and custom design options are available online. There are many types of braids and each type creates a special texture that can result in very unique and beautiful home products. The oldest type of braid is the flat braid that consists of weaving three or more ropes into a single braid. A cable braid is formed by interlocking and weaving many strands of yarn into a single, extremely durable rope. There is also a tubular braid and a corded braid. Virtually any yarns and fabrics can be used to make braided texture products. Since color and design are the most important factors in selecting home accent products, these are also the most important factors in the selection of yarn and/or fabric content. Other top reasons for selecting a specific yarn or fabric include resistance to moisture and stains, strength against abrasion, environmental concerns, and pride. You can find a fine selection of quality braided rugs online.

For fashion, versatility and durability, braided rugs will add a dimension of unique style and beauty to your home. Colonial Mill Inc. or CMI can provide you with braided texture rugs and accessories that can achieve a coordinated designer look ranging from country to contemporary to classic and everything in between. Check out the quality selection of braided rugs from our online merchants.

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