Berlin Traveling Tips

A short break will probably not be sufficient to visit all the attractions and places in Berlin and to marvel at.

Berlin Unique Destinations

As diverse and promising the city is so great is the variety of destinations.
History buffs can find, for example, numerous museums and exhibitions, while all the tourists come fully at their expense.
Which destinations can visit visitors to the city now in detail?
The epitome and symbol of the city of Berlin is probably the Brandenburg Gate. In Dorothee city, at the Pariser Platz and in the district of Mitte is probably the most important landmarks of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate was built back in the years 1788-1791 and is not only a landmark, but also the national symbol. Many people around the world connect to the Brandenburger Tor important events in the history of Germany, Europe and the world in the 19th And 20 Century.

Another popular excursion destination of the capital, Berlin, comprising the so-called Kurfürstendamm. Here is the center of Euromillion in Germany. The world famous Boulevard in the west is the town during the day and at night very well attended. Also unique building on the Kurfürstendamm can be found. In particular, two large buildings have the face of the “Kudamm” changed in its fundamentals. In addition to the Cafe Kranzler, the Kranzler-Eck, a glass skyscraper windows, built by the German American Helmut Jahn.
On the Kurfürstendamm are fine shops, theaters, cinemas and cafes, as far as the eye. In particular, shoppers can on the Kurfürstendamm, many boutiques and shops

Berlin Hotels

The capital, Berlin has now for several years not only the most popular destination in Germany, but also one of the most visited cities in the world. The hotel capacity has been expanded since the 90s and adapted to the many tourists in the city. The rule is therefore not a problem for customers of finding on-site hotels that offer free rooms. Rather, the number appears in the form of accommodation from hotels and guest houses seemingly inexhaustible. And in fact, in the capital of Germany, tourists can look forward to a diverse selection of hotels in different price categories and standards.

Still, some selection criteria will be considered in selecting the right hotel. In this regard, the location of the hotel plays a vital role. Of course, visitors will find the city in the city the best transport links, yet the accommodation costs are very high. Alternatively, are located in the outer districts of cheap hotels, where tourists have to take a longer trip distances of up to 50 minutes to the city center on himself.

In addition, the city has made some districts that have a unique character. Depending on what to do in Berlin will be carried out, the tourists should live in the appropriate district.

Probably the best known and most exclusive hotel in Berlin at the same time forms the Hotel Adlon, which can be found on the Pariser Platz and in the immediate vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate. In addition to an extensive spa and fine restaurants reside at the Hotel Adlon often celebrities from television and politics.
Visitors, however, escape the bustle of downtown and take long trips on the same time not want to be able to see hotels in the districts of Schöneberg, Friedrichshain or Prenzlauer Berg.

Busses and trains

Essentially, the passenger transportation in Berlin will be performed by two carriers. Both the Berlin public transport, in short, BVG, and the S-Bahn Berlin GmbH, the subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, are responsible for local transport in the capital. But even the so-called DB Regio provides the transportation with regional trains.
Furthermore, tourists should be aware that the organization of public transport, public transport is also under the acronym for concern and needs is available and also provides the questions of the tourists.

In the area of public transport take the trams and buses in the city of Berlin during the day about every ten minutes. S-and U-Bahn trains run more frequently, however. The evening traffic also begins at 1:00 clock in the morning. This party-goers and night owls will find their accommodation after a long party again, put the Nachstraßenbahnen and the night buses to transport safely. In addition, traveling in the nights from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday throughout the S-and U-Bahn on all routes. When you wait for busses, then you can play Farmerama via your smart phone.

Tourists and visitors to the city but should also know that the rail network in Berlin and underground railway lines, on the tram network but also on railway lines of the divided local and long distance. In the city center provide the regional trains and many other paths of Regional Express for local transport. Especially in the summer months, where many tourists visit from all over the world, the city of Berlin, the railway will be extended so that the transportation run more frequently and in shorter sections.

Berlin Tourism

Not for nothing is the city of Berlin to the most visited centers and metropolitan areas of both national and international urban tourism. The number of guests, the newly-built hotel, the nights and the bed capacity in the entire city since 2001 has risen dramatically. Compared to many other cities and towns millions of Tourism in Berlin is developed above average.

In the field of tourism in 2008, even more than 17 million nights were heard in the options in Berlin, while the number of visitors in 2007 more than 7 million and the daily visitors was 140 million. Because of these facts and figures, the city is therefore to London, Rome and Paris the most popular destination within the European Union. Statistics and many predicted that estimated in 2010 with more than 20 million overnight stays.
In addition, account for about 40 percent of total visitor guests, and visiting mainly English, Italian and Dutch, the city most often. And many of them are students who are interested in more than just sitting at home and playing online games.

Here the holiday magnet, due to its colorful array of diverse entertainment venues, attractions and destinations so many visitors in its spell.
In addition to the many shops and a lively night life in Berlin also hosts many events that run every year several hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city. Instead, the city is one of the largest convention organizers around the world. Both the Messe Berlin and the ICC, the largest conference center in Europe, expand the tourism economy factor.

In addition to elaborate a cultural program is distinguished also by the city of Berlin nightlife. Numerous clubs, discos, bars and pubs in Berlin turn night into day.

Potsdamer Platz

Between the old city center and the “New Berlin West” is the Potsdamer Platz, a large transport hub of the city. It is located just outside the former city gate and Potsdamer closes on the west by the so-called Leipziger Platz. Before the Second World War, by contrast, Potsdamer Platz was in the same station, where he was also at that time a very a busy place and also favored destination of the social, cultural and political scene.

In the 90’s were built on the old city layout of the Potsdam Square, many new buildings. In our time the place is not only one of the most prominent locations in Berlin, but is also visited by millions of tourists. In the 90’s was the place but the largest construction site in Europe and could be achieved only in part. In this regard, could the residents and tourists of the city from a vantage point from container, catch the so-called “info box”, a look at the construction work and the models of the future building. Roughly built on the Potsdamer Platz four different buildings.

With its mix of shops, cinemas, theaters and restaurants, but also daring architecture, it not only attracts visitors but Berlin to stay. The actual contrast, Potsdamer Platz was once a major road junction, which developed after the construction of the Potsdamer station of the busiest places in Europe. The Potsdamer Platz is a synonym for the impulsive events in the city. Visitors and tourists in the city of Berlin should consider each case on a trip to the Potsdamer Platz in the preamble to experience the atmosphere of the city.

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